Red Dresses

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Red Vintage Dresses: Timeless Charm

Reinterpreting the glamor of the past, the red vintage dress collection offers timeless charm and sophistication. These beautiful pieces are marked by their retro-style elegance, precise fit and high-quality fabric. Vibrant shades of red, from cherry red to brick red, instill fiery passion and self-confidence. The red vintage dress is an essential fashion piece for lovers of the retro chic style.

Red Vintage Dresses from the 50s: An Essential Classic

Relive the golden age of fashion with the red vintage dresses of the 50s. Their cinched silhouette at the waist, their flared skirts and their polka dot patterns are typical of this era. These dresses convey bold femininity and relaxed elegance. Perfect for a dance party or a summer picnic, these dresses are the epitome of 50s chic.

Vintage Red Velvet Dresses: Luxury and Comfort

Experience uncompromising luxury with red velvet vintage dresses. Velvet, with its soft and rich texture, creates a luxurious look while offering incomparable comfort. Whether it's a '60s shift dress or an '80s puff sleeve dress, red velvet gives a sense of depth and vibrancy. Perfect for winter evenings or special occasions.

Vintage Red Lace Dresses: Refined Elegance

Red vintage dresses with lace are the embodiment of femininity and elegance. Delicate lace patterns add a touch of antique charm and sophistication to these dresses. Whether it's delicate chantilly lace or bold guipure lace, each dress is a work of art in its own right. Ideal for weddings, ceremonies or simply to feel beautiful.

Red Vintage Dresses with Ruffles: Flamboyant Style

For women who are not afraid to show off, red vintage dresses with ruffles are a perfect choice. Ruffles add drama and movement to these dresses, making every entry a style statement. 70s and 80s ruffled dresses are particularly popular for their bold and festive look.

Vintage Red Dresses: Bohemian Style

Embrace the free and artistic spirit of bohemian style with bohemian red vintage dresses. These dresses, with their flowing fabrics and eclectic prints, evoke a relaxed and carefree atmosphere. Whether it's a long dress with flared sleeves or a short dress with a floral print, they are perfect for a casual outing or a music festival.

Red Vintage Dresses: 20s Silhouette

Dive into the jazz age with the red vintage dresses of the 20s. These unique pieces with their lively fringing, delicate beading and Art Deco patterns are the symbol of the opulence and exuberance of this era . Ideal for themed parties, these dresses will make you look like a real flapper girl.

Red Vintage Dresses: A nod to the 60s

Take a trip back in time with the red vintage dresses of the 60s. Their characteristic A-line, high neck and mid-thigh length are emblematic of this revolutionary decade. Whether it's a polka dot dress for a casual outing or a solid red dress for an elegant night out, these dresses offer a fun and chic way to celebrate the spirit of the sixties.

Vintage Red Dresses: 30s and 40s Elegance

Red vintage dresses from the 30s and 40s capture the essence of elegance and sophistication from that era. Their fitted cuts, long skirts and subtle details like puffed sleeves or thin belts give a classic movie star look. Perfect for formal occasions or simply to appreciate the timeless elegance of those decades.