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60s 70s Dress
60s 70s Dress
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Red 60s Dress
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Unleash the disco star in you

Relive the golden age of disco music and the wild parties of the 70s with our selection of vintage dresses. Psychedelic patterns, bright colors and flowing cuts characterize these retro dresses that will have you dancing the night away. It's time to unleash your inner disco diva!

Bohemian and romantic elegance

The 70s were also marked by the bohemian style, with dresses with floral motifs, light fabrics and loose cuts. Let yourself be seduced by our range of romantic and bohemian dresses that will bring a touch of softness and poetry to your wardrobe. Embrace this timeless style and show the world your dreamy, free-spirited side.

70s Dresses: Time Travel

Maxi dresses were a staple of 70s fashion. These long, flowing dresses are both elegant and comfortable, allowing you to move with ease while looking sophisticated. Our vintage maxi dresses are available in a variety of colors and patterns to match your taste and personal style. Add a touch of glamor to your everyday life by choosing from our selection of trendy maxi dresses.

The audacity of mini-dresses

The 70s also saw the popularity of mini-dresses, with short and daring cuts that marked the emancipation of women. Opt for a vintage mini dress to show off your self-confidence and femininity during a night out with friends or a special event. Turn heads and show off your unique style with our collection of 70s mini dresses.

Accessories: complete your look

A 70s look wouldn't be complete without the right accessories. Browse our selection of jewelry, belts, bags and shoes to complete your vintage outfit. Combine a patterned dress with discreet accessories for a balanced look, or dare to combine bold ones for a totally retro and assumed style. Let your imagination run wild and create your own 70s look!

Awaken your hippie side

The hippie spirit is a strong symbol of the 70s, and our dresses reflect this heritage. Discover our selection of dresses inspired by the "Flower Power" movement, with paisley prints, tie-dye shades and fringed details. These garments will transport you to the era of open-air festivals, peaceful demonstrations and universal love. Awaken your hippie side and proudly wear these iconic pieces of the decade.

Dresses with flared sleeves: a throwback to the seventies

Flare sleeves are another iconic feature of 70s dresses. They bring a touch of originality and lightness to your outfit, while giving you a bohemian and relaxed look. Explore our collection of dresses with flared sleeves and brighten up your wardrobe with these vintage pieces that do not go unnoticed.

Lace and crochet for a feminine and refined look

Crochet and lace were very popular in the 70s and add a touch of femininity and romance to vintage dresses. Choose from our selection of lace and crochet dresses for a delicate and refined look. Whether for a special occasion or for a simple romantic dinner, these dresses are ideal to enhance your femininity and make you feel elegant and seductive.

Mockneck dresses for a retro-chic style

Mocknecks were very popular in the 70s and are making a comeback in contemporary fashion. These stand-up collars add a touch of sophistication and chic to your outfit, while recalling the elegance of the fashion icons of that era. Browse our collection of funnel neck dresses to adopt a retro-chic style and impress at your parties or events.

The wrap dress: a timeless classic

Invented in the 1970s, the wrap dress has become an essential classic in women's wardrobes. With its flattering fit for all body types and its elegant yet relaxed style, the wrap dress is an ideal choice for any occasion. Discover our selection of vintage wrap dresses in various prints and colors, and find the piece that suits you best.

Shirt dresses for a look that is both professional and trendy

Shirt dresses were also very popular in the 70s, offering a look that was both professional and trendy. Perfect for work or out on the town, these dresses combine elegance and comfort. Choose from our range of shirt dresses in various patterns and colors to add a retro touch to your professional wardrobe.