60s Dresses

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In the Spotlight: Bold Patterned Dresses

Be seduced by the selection of 60s dresses with bold and colorful patterns that will attract all eyes. Geometric prints, stripes and polka dots are the stars of this revolutionary era. Immerse yourself in the psychedelic and chic universe of the sixties by opting for a dress with vintage accents.

The charm of trapeze dresses

Discover the trapeze dresses, emblem of the 60s style. Their loose fit and retro look make these dresses timeless and essential pieces for lovers of vintage fashion. Comfortable and elegant, they adapt to all silhouettes and enhance femininity. Take a leap into the past and dare to adopt this mythical cut for an irresistible look.

The elegance of fitted and close-fitting dresses

Fitted, close-fitting dresses embody the very essence of 60s sophistication and glamour. These models hug the curves elegantly, enhancing the figure while remaining refined and feminine. Revisit this timeless trend by choosing an exceptional piece that will transport you to the golden age of fashion.

The seduction of Peter Pan collar dresses

The Claudine collar is a signature of the 60s that continues to appeal to today's fashionistas. Treat yourself to a dress with retro charm, adorned with this round, pleated collar, which will add a touch of innocence and romance to your outfit. Let yourself be enchanted by these vintage dresses and display a style that is both chic and flirtatious.

The bohemian spirit of maxi dresses

Finally, explore the bohemian universe of maxi dresses, which left their mark on the 60s. These fluid and light dresses will give you an elegant and relaxed look, ideal for sunny days and summer evenings. Opt for a piece with floral or ethnic motifs, which reflects the free and carefree spirit of this mythical era.

Relive the golden age of Swinging London

Swinging London in the 1960s was a time of great creativity and innovation. Let yourself be transported by this energy by adopting dresses inspired by icons of the time, such as Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot or Audrey Hepburn. Immerse yourself in the effervescence of Carnaby Street and discover unique models, which perfectly combine British style and Parisian chic. Bring this iconic period to life through pieces that exude the elegance and daring of this decade.

The key materials of 60s dresses

The materials used in making 60s dresses are as diverse as the style of that era. From natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk to synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon, each material brings its unique touch and comfort to these vintage dresses. Appreciate the lightness and fluidity of noble materials, or the audacity and practicality of innovative materials, which marked this period of upheaval and experimentation.

Accessories to perfect your retro look

Complete your outfit with accessories that will enhance your 60s dress and reinforce your vintage look. Opt for delicate jewellery, printed scarves, structured handbags and block-heeled shoes for a harmonious and refined ensemble. Don't forget oversized sunglasses and cloche hats for a decidedly retro look that will take you back in time and set you apart with elegance.